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Cooperative Housing

  • No Annual Program Fee
  • Housing Costs: Economy, Standard
  • Double Rooms
  • Neighborhood: Central, Southeast


Cooperative Housing Communities (Co-ops) offer students a chance to be a part of a close-knit community that also costs less than other communities. Members receive a 40 percent reduced rate on their room costs in exchange for light custodial work in their community.

Required tasks include taking out trash and cleaning common areas and restrooms using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Community members may be removed and lose the housing credit for failing to perform assigned tasks.

Who Lives Here

We welcome first-year, transfer, sophomore, junior, and senior students to live in the Co-op community.

How to Apply

When completing your housing application, you can select "Cooperative Housing" on the Learning Community selection page. It might be helpful to review Completing the Application before beginning the process. For more information contact

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